Why Your Back Hurts

Hi, I'm Mike Williams, CEO of Rhythmic Health.

Today is the day it all comes together for you.

Why your back hurts. Why you’re in such pain.

And most importantly, what you can do about it now.

When I normally ask our clients and customers how they came to be in such pain, of course, I get a variety of responses.

“I have degenerative disc disease.”

“My discs are shot.”


“I was a bus driver and sat in the driver’s seat 8 hours a day for 20 years.”

“I slipped and fell on the ice one day.”

“I got it serving my country.”

And so on.

But today, if you’re 40 years or older, I’m going share with you THE REAL REASON you’re in pain.

Some people get surprised. Others get angry.

But everyone tells us it's unlike anything they've heard anywhere else.

But don’t be mad.

Because then I’m going to share exactly what you can do to heal--starting today.

But before we get started, I want you to know whatever the reason you’re in pain, whatever the cause, odds are what I’m about to share plays a SIGNIFICANT role.

That means you can stop beating yourself up for sports injuries, nasty falls, less-than-ideal genetics or working in a repetitive occupation for 10, 20 or 30 years.

It’s not your fault, and it never was.

That said, there IS something you can do about it.

Before we talk about that, let’s take a walk down memory lane.

This will be fun, I promise.

I want you to remember back to the 70’s and 80’s. Remember Led Zep? Styx? Lynyrd Skynrd? Pink Floyd?

For our purposes, this was the time when...

...doctors and scientists said they had finally figured out why people get fat.

The reason, they said?

“People get fat because they eat fat.”

Whoa! Blinding flash of the obvious, everyone thought. The idea caught fire.

But it was nothing but wrong, wrong, wrong!

With that one short sentence, perhaps the largest and most costly health error in history was born.

My opinion? It was criminal for them to say that.

It wasn’t true. It was never true. And it cost us. It costs us even more today.

But at the time, they all slapped each other on the back, congratulating each other, acting as if it was perfectly reasonable.

And now you and me, people everywhere are paying the price.

Our bodies are deserts, having lost our beloved resiliency and flexibility years ago.

If you’ll remember, with that one statement, a marketing machine was born.

The era of “fat free foods” was ushered in.

Food manufacturers everywhere jumped on the low fat bandwagon and started stripping out the essential fats...

...manufacturing low fat and no fat foods like...

Milks, cheeses and ice creams... mayonnaise... salad dressings... candies... pastries and breads... the list goes on.

Low fat this and low fat that. Entire store aisles and shelves were dedicated to fat free foods.

A multi-billion dollar industry was born and continues to this day.

Unfortunately, it was all a sham. A hoax. A fraud.

“People get fat because they eat fat”? It was NEVER true.

What IS true?

The truth is your body NEEDS fats. Fats are the oil that keeps your body lubricated.

So for decades now, people have avoided consuming fats like the plague.

And guess what?

People are STILL getting fat.

But it gets worse.

People’s bodies are literally breaking down. Like a car’s engine that’s running out of oil...

Alzheimer's and other brain diseases are out of control.


Your brain is made up of FAT.

(Fat insulates the billions of neurons and synapses from each other.)

Arthritis is out of control. Why? “The oil” that keeps your joints lubricated has disappeared.

And for the sake of our discussion, back pain is out of control.

Everyday, people are suffering. And the best doctors have in their black bag is risky surgery and addictive drugs.

Is your body’s oil light on? Here’s one way to tell…

Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Is it stiff? Does it even creak? Do you hear popping sounds?

How easy are your bowel movements?

When you bend over to pick something up, how hard is it to stand back up?

If you’re oiled up, these things are easy to do.

Unfortunately, I don’t have to tell you what an epidemic this is. Especially with older generations.

A LACK OF FATS AND OILS in our diet is perhaps the #1 cause of pain, illness and disease.

You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who has some sort of back pain.

So THE SECRET to healing your back is to get more fats and oils in your diet.

That’s right. That’s all it takes.

A spoonful of olive oil. An avocado every few days. But the healthiest source of fat? The easiest source of fat?

Fish oil.

Yes, lowly fish oil can give new life to an aging body.

It lubricates the joints. It provides the spongy cushion in your dried out, cracking discs.

Depending on how long you’ve deprived your body of this essential macronutrient...

...you’ll start to see, and more importantly, FEEL results.

But it’s essential for you to know, it has to be THE RIGHT FISH OIL.

Fresh fish oil makes all the difference.

It has to be FRESH.

What’s the freshest?

Sushi, of course. Don’t know if you like sushi or not, but raw fish...

...be it salmon, tuna or others... can provide you an abundance the oils you need.

(Wild salmon is el primo, ask for that when you go out.)

Cooked fish also provides much needed oils, as long as it isn’t too cooked. Because heat breaks down the oil’s molecular bonds.

But as you know eating fish regularly to heal, can get rather old.

Fish every day? No, thank you.

That’s why I take a high-grade fish oil supplement.

Sure, it’s a few bucks more than the stuff you buy at Walmart or Target, but let me ask you?

How much does it cost to be supplied with pain meds?

What’s the price of a day off work? Or be in too much pain to play golf or bop around with your grandkids?

Trust me, paying a little more at the checkout counter is worth it.

Here’s one of the best fish oils on the market I’ve discovered if you want all the benefits:

Here's the Fish Oil you want.

It’s considered near-pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Harvested from oil-abundant cod in the pristine waters off norway, the product is guaranteed fresh and contaminant free.

It’s also specifically coated so you won’t get nasty fish burps.

More importantly, more of the nutrient-rich oil will actually make into your gut where it can be assimilated by your body better.

This is the Fish Oil you really want.

It’s got MULTIPLE benefits as you’ll discover, but first...

Three things you don’t want when it comes to fish oil.

The first is rancidity. The worst problem most fish oil supplements have is rancidity...

...I probably don’t have to tell you how nasty tasting rancid fish oil is.

Rancidity occurs because most fish oils get old sitting on the shelves for months.

But you’ll never know, because most manufacturers won’t tell you how old the oil actually is. Sneaky.

The second problem most fish oils have is contamination...

...Inferior fish oil contains deadly mercury, dioxins and PCBs plus loads of other toxic chemicals in our oceans.

Particularly off the coasts of industrialized countries.

Contamination represents a true danger to your overall health and well being--even though the fish oil may be good for your back.

The third biggest problem? And this is the kicker...

The fish oil isn’t absorbable.

This happens when the fish oil’s capsules dissolve too quickly in your stomach, breaking down the oil’s molecular bonds...

...rendering the supplement (and your hard earned money) useless.

This is why THE BEST FISH OILS have thin, translucent coating around the capsule.

This special coating slows the assimilation process long enough for the major of the oil to make it into your colon intact.

However, if you use the fish oil supplement I share with you below, NONE of those problems will happen.

This is the Fish Oil you really want.

Now I want you to appreciate, it’s going to take some time for your body to assimilate enough fats and oils for you to achieve noticeable healing.

You may not realize, but your body is dried out and you need to revive it.

Decades of damage by avoiding oils and fats has to be undone.

Fish oil will do the trick.

Your body will target the oils and fats you consume every day first to the areas that need them most.

It’s your body’s way of doing triage.

If that’s your discs, so be it. If your joints or your brain are found lacking...

...be patient and just know your body is getting optimum amounts of fish oils AND the other beneficial nutrients that should come with it (but often don't in the cheaper stuff).

Over time, all sorts of near miraculous things will start occurring you never thought could happen again...

Your body becomes more flexible. (Your “Back Pain Relief 4 Life” as well as other stretches become easier and more enjoyable.)

You’ll start thinking more clearly. Your memory bounces back in way that will bring a delightful smile to your face.

Again, not overnight, but it will happen. Count on it.

Your skin will be softer, too. That’s because your skin needs oils as well to keep its suppleness.

You may even notice wrinkles softening and fading.

Let’s wrap this up...

I realize for decades, you’ve been following some pretty bad advice. 

Again, it’s not your fault, but it probably cost you time, money, memories, or even a job maybe.

Yet there’s hope. No matter how bad it is right now, there’s hope.

I’ve seen some pretty miraculous comebacks.

I encourage you try the fish oil I’m recommending.

Don’t cheat yourself by using inferior stuff.

Trust me, it will make all the difference.

Then start getting some healthy fats and oils into your diet. Avocados, healthy nuts, salad dressings and oils.

Your body will soak them up like water on a bone-dry sponge.

Click here for the Fish Oil you really want.

To your health,

Mike CEO, Rhythmic Health

P.S. As you’ll soon discover, the human body is an incredible healing machine. Decades of bad advice can be undone.

Let’s start with an superior high-grade fish oil supplement that overcomes the limitations of other inferior supplements...

... allowing your body to experience the rejuvenating effects from a flood of healthy oils that can ultimately heal your back...

...giving you resiliency, flexibility and strength once again.

This is the Fish Oil you really want.

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